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Competition news:

Milan, 16 March 2022.

The 18th James Dyson Award – the annual design competition for engineering and product design students, sponsored by the James Dyson Foundation charity – opens for entries on Wednesday 16 March.
After a record number of entries in recent years, the prize money has been increased to support the crucial first steps to be taken by students.
crucial first steps into the world of entrepreneurship. This year’s national winners, to be announced in September, will receive €5,900 to develop their invention, more than double the amount awarded in previous years. To date, the competition has awarded cash prizes to more than 285 inventions.
Since 2005, the James Dyson Award has challenged undergraduates and recent graduates in engineering and design to ‘design the solution to a problem’. Aimed at a wide and open audience, the competition encourages students to solve big global problems. James Dyson selects the global winners of the competition, who will receive a cash prize and global recognition – two crucial first steps to putting their ideas into practice in real life. An image from a prototyping workshop conducted in Singapore as part of the James Dyson Foundation’s youth activities.

James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer Dyson said:
“For me, the importance of the James Dyson Award lies in solving a problem in a clever way – for young inventors, it means questioning and challenging the status quo. I firmly believe that young people want to change the world and should be encouraged to do so. The future is their world. The Award gives them confidence and a platform to develop their own solutions. In fact, 70% of our international winners take their inventions to the market. I would like to address future participants and say that I look forward to examining their radical and revolutionary ideas. Good luck!”

Winner 2021

The problem of road safety and potholes in asphalt: Roadfix national winner of the James Dyson Award 2021
On the top step of the podium in 2021, the sensitive issue of road safety and potholes in the asphalt of our cities; the solution? Click here to find out more.

What is up for grabs?
1. The national winners will receive 5,900 Euros and the global winners up to 35,700 Euros to be used
the next stage of their invention;
2. Once announced, JDA winners receive media interest, from the public and industry professionals, opening doors and catalysing conversations to support product development and networking;
3. This year the award has created a network of winners for those launching their inventions into the market. Events and networking opportunities for past award winners to connect, share experiences and consider mentoring programmes between winners.

Increasing opportunities
The award has given young inventors international media exposure, which has opened up further investment and non-investment opportunities to develop their ideas. The 2014 international winner, mOm incubators, provides more
flexible options for neonatal care; having successfully passed all external tests, it is now being used in three UK National Health Service facilities and has so far supported the lives of more than 20 babies. Ambitious plans are now underway for mOm to help increase access to neonatal care worldwide. Ambitious plans are now in place to help increase access to neonatal care worldwide.

The James Dyson Foundation
The James Dyson Award is part of Sir James Dyson’s wider commitment to demonstrate the power of engineers to change the world. The competition has supported more than 285 inventions with cash prizes and is run by the James Dyson Foundation, an engineering education charity funded by Dyson profits.
The Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology, the James Dyson Foundation and the James Dyson Award encourage aspiring engineers to put their knowledge into practice and discover new ways of improving people’s lives through technology. To date, the James Dyson Foundation has donated over £140 million to innovative concepts in education and other charitable causes, including £12 million to Imperial College London to create the Dyson School of Design Engineering, and £8 million to Cambridge University to create the Dyson Centre for Engineering Design and the James Dyson Building. At school level, the James Dyson Foundation offers robotics workshops, led by Dyson engineers, and provides free educational resources. These include the most recent launch, Engineering Solutions: Air Pollution: introducing young people to air pollution and engineering’s role in finding solutions.

The competition
Design something that solves a problem. This problem could be a frustration we all face in our daily lives, or a global problem. The important thing is that the solution is effective and reflects serious design thinking.

Evaluation process
Entries are first judged at a national level by a panel of external judges and a Dyson engineer. Each market awards one national winner and two national finalists. From these winners, a panel of Dyson engineers will select an international shortlist of 20 candidates. The top 20 entries will then be reviewed by James Dyson who will select its international winners.

Deadline for entries: 00:00 6 July 2022

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