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Samsung Innovation Camp: project work finalists and winners for the Politecnico di Milano

Milan, 16 November 2020 – the virtual closing ceremony of the third edition of Samsung Innovation Camp for the Politecnico di Milano (the first for the Lombardy University) was held, with the award ceremony for the groups that presented the best project work to the two local companies involved in the Innovation Camp project, CHILI and Emerson.

The initiative, developed by Samsung Electronics Italia in collaboration with Randstad, was born with the idea of accompanying students of Italian public universities in a training course on innovation, to transform the future into the present, and to open new professional scenarios in the digital field.

For the final phase of the Innovation Camp at the Politecnico di Milano, the best projects were selected from over 220 students and recent graduates participating in the Milan University alone, and analysed on the basis of the quality of the proposal they developed in response to the business cases commissioned by CHILI and Emerson, the two entrepreneurial excellences that have joined the initiative in recent months in collaboration with the University.

The winning projects:

  • Winning group for CHILI’s Project Work: the company, with the aim of approaching the Millennial target, asked students to think about the inclusion on CHILI of ad hoc features and experiences or additional content, free or paid for, alongside films and TV series.
  • Winning group for Emerson’s Project Work: The company asked students to think about how to make clear and simple information about company processes and results visible and available to all employees in the offices and production departments, with the aim of improving the performance of the communication process and increasing engagement.

 The details of the project at Politecnico di Milano

Also for the third edition, the main objective of Samsung Innovation Camp is to integrate university education with a unique itinerary through technology, digital innovation and local businesses. Thanks to this initiative, students at Politecnico di Milano have had the opportunity both to get closer to their professional future by learning new business, marketing and digital strategy skills, particularly in demand in today’s working world, and to get in touch with local companies to bring innovation to the main economic sectors of our country.

(Prof. Francesco Zurlo)

Prof. Francesco Zurlo, Vice Dean of the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, commented: “For the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano hosting the third edition of the Samsung Innovation Camp was a privilege. The initiative represented a moment of training at the highest level for our students. The Politecnico is constantly looking for opportunities for the cultural and professional growth of young people. In fact, being confronted with the challenges of large companies and stakeholders from outside the university world allows them to confront themselves with the real world and put into practice – adapting and verifying – what they have learned during the lessons. Samsung Innovation camp is an excellent training ground for all of them, thanks to the mix of theoretical content and project work development, all very useful to be able to prepare themselves in the best possible way in a complex world with increasingly demanding challenges”.

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