Poff-POlimi Futures’ Fictions

POFF POlimi Futures’ Fictions
By VISIONING Concept Design Studio – IP2
with the contribution of
Stefano Parisi PhD Candidate at Polimi
William Kempton PhD Candidate at AHO
The Exhibition
The Exhibit shows the results of the Visioning course that placed at the beginning of the Concept Design Studio – had the objective to open the envisioning capacity of the students. The course has adopted a Research through design method in the conviction that the activity of designing artefacts (more or less consciously) is a way of learning and this – in a meta-knowledge system is a way to uncover, or better let insights and new concepts emerge. The different steps of trend research and scenario building had initially triggered the student ability of exploring frontier topic and future perspective through some specific tools and techniques. Then the “thing from the Future” game from an idea of Stuart Candy has enabled groups to freely imagine and define innovative concepts also for a far future horizon. Rough prototype have been developed and transformed into ‘performative artefacts’ or the so called “diegetic prototypes”. The results are narrated through Design Fiction: a short movie’s narrative structure contextualizes new concept technologies within the futures’ social sphere.

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