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By 13 June 2019June 23rd, 2019Bachelor Degree, Master Of Science

Bachelor Degree

WORKSHOP BLS – Beyond the Full Face Mask
Lecturer Prof. Luca Gafforio
BLS is an Italian company, with a strong international vocation, specialized in the production of personal protective equipment such as masks and the like.
The aim of the workshop will be to define new types of masks integrated by different protection systems (in relation to different pollutants and different situations of use), which reflect on comfort and experience of use, which can also manage or integrate entertainment systems for different types of activities (work or leisure).

WORKSHOP Ghelfi – Containers of ideas
Lecturer Prof. Setsu and Shinobu Ito
Ghelfi Ondulati is a consolidated presence in Italy and Europe, in the production of any type of packaging in corrugated cardboard, which for years has collaborated with the Polytechnic in research and innovation projects.
The Workshop will deal with the design of packaging / display systems in corrugated cardboard for international brands.

WORKSHOP Rancilio _ Professional Coffee Experience
Lecturer Prof.ssa Raffaella Mangiarotti
Rancilio Group is a company of great tradition and prestige, which produces professional coffee machines.
The aim of the workshop is to produce innovative ideas in relation to professional coffee machines. The reference scenario concerns the evolution of the coffee machine and its role in the experience of tasting / consumption in both the classical and the gourmet dimension.
The ideas that will arise will concern possible innovations in use, aesthetic, sensory and functional innovations of the product as well as reflect on the entire life cycle in terms of circular economy.

WORKSHOP SICERP _ The second life of the skin
Lecturer Prof. Davide Spallazzo
Sicerp is a tannery located in the industrial district of Turbigo specialized in leather processing mainly for the footwear industry.
The aim of the workshop is to develop new ideas of products made by enhancing the processing waste with a view to circular economy. New objects and new business opportunities for the company giving a second life to the leather with an eye to sustainability.

WORKSHOP Ra.El.Con _ Music Station
Lecturer Prof. Edgardo Angelini
Ra.el.Con. Srl is a company specialized in the distribution of accessories and components marketed in the consumer electronics sector.
The aim of the workshop is the contemporary re-design of the portable turntable, with its relaunch of the historic brand Allocchio-Bacchini. The reference scenario therefore concerns the creation of an identity and performance product that is the basis for the relaunch of the brand. An icon product with a clear aesthetic identity that allows a quality audio listening and the possibility to manage and process different formats, from the most analogical to the totally digital ones.

Lecturer Prof. Kazunari Suzuki
Music Instruments Suzuki has been collaborating with Yamaha for years in the development of innovative projects related to musical instruments.
The aim of the workshop will be to work on Yamaha’s musical instruments both in terms of re-design and development of new instruments, interaction models and user experience.

Lecturer Prof.ssa Valentina Lollio
Glass Bottles/Packaging Verallia is present in Italy with 6 plants where it designs and produces glass bottles and jars for food with the strength of a large international group and the proximity of a reality that knows how to give attention to the territory and customers. The workshop will focus on design/redesign of bottles/packaging for leading brands with international ambitions.


Master’s Degree

Lecturer Prof. Duy Phong Wu
The workshop, adopting the Positive Design approach, will focus on the design of positive experiences related to coffee and the preparation of bread in the home.

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