Our students are going to take part in the international projetct IGLUNA. They will be involved in proposing new concept for the habitability part of the project. These solutions will be used to design a new base on the moon.

The IGLUNA project:

In the first ESA_Lab@ project, student teams across Europe develop modular demonstrators that combined will set the foundation for a living in space.

Ideas of the everyday life find their way out into space and return solutions for a better living on Earth. Brick by brick these technologies will create the cornerstones for a community expanding into space.

ESA_Lab@ with its network acts as coordinator providing the institutional link between all parties, system engineering, and IT infrastructure.

Supervised and supported by their university the student teams

  • materialise their demonstrators
  • establish their local partner and sponsors network
  • interact with other teams

Some of the solutions from our students for this project:

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