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By 31 May 2020June 1st, 2020Bachelor Degree

COVID-19 EMERGENCY:┬ádesigner’s help and new project opportunities

On the occasion of the final projects of the Studio “Fondamenti del Progetto”, 1st year, Section P4, directed by Prof. Palmieri, Ferrari and Milani, each student individually, given the health emergency we are experiencing, was called to propose one or more product concepts that address a problem related to the new behaviors to which the entire world population is called.
The “ex tempore” lasted 1 week, and was carried out in a totally individual and autonomous way, giving the students full freedom in terms of design.

Here is the brief given to them:

Stage 1: definition of the specific field of intervention (scenario) and drafting of the brief: identification of a specific problem with its user(s) of reference and explanation of the project brief.

Stage 2: analysis of products already on the market that can give an answer to the problematic choice with a critical evaluation of positive and negative aspects (it is also possible to consider products designed with functions adapted to the occasion). It may be necessary to include those products that can come as close as possible to the problematic choice even in a limited way.

Stage 3: proposal of 1 or more concepts that respond to the problem and the chosen brief. It was possible to propose concepts without limitations of materials / processing technologies / technologies used.


Even the production methods were not constrained: it was possible, for example, to propose concepts that provided for the self-production of products with artisan adaptation / combination of existing products, the use of additive production technologies (digital production such as 3D printing), up to large-scale industrial production. The only constraint given is that the concepts have a physical product (even in the case of software / digital applications the delivery must include a physical product).

Below, the projects generated by the students.

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