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Dear student,


How do you envision the cities of the future? Let’s discover it together. Accept the challenge and participate in the Vodafone 5G CHALLENGE for Smart City and Smart Campus.


Vodafone 5G CHALLENGE for Smart City & Smart Campus is an initiative promoted by Vodafone in collaboration with Politecnico di MilanoPolifactory, and Exprivia in order to experiment with 5G network technology within the Milan metropolitan area.


The initiative is aimed at students of Design and Engineering of Politecnico di Milano (third year Bachelor and Master Degree), engaging them in creating innovative solutions for cities of the future.


Vodafone 5G CHALLENGE for Smart City & Smart Campus is structured in 3 phases:


  • Solution Design Hackathon (5th and 6th April, 2019, c/o Polifactory): several teams, selected through an open call (submission deadline: 15th March 2019), are asked to design concepts of innovative product-service solutions based on 5G technology. The best 3 projects will be selected to access the Project Development phase.


  • Project Development: the 3 selected teams will have 12 weeks to further develop the concept and evolve it into a prototype that showcases the potential of 5G.
  • Demo Day: at the end of the Project Development phase, the 3 teams will present their prototype during a pitch session, at the end of which the winning team will be proclaimed.


More info on the 5G Challenge is available at this link:



How to participate in the Solution Design Hackathon?

A team participation is required, composed of 3 to 5 people. Each team should include minimum one member with IT and electronics skills and another one with design competences. It is possible to enroll as a complete team or as an individual, in the last case the team will be formed by the Challenge organizers. Team or individual submissions are online (go to:

www.vodafone5g.it/5g-for-challenge.php), deadline for subscription is 15 March 2019.


The guidelines for the Challenge are available in the attachment below or by following this link:www.vodafone5g.it/pdf/Regolamento_SmartCityOpenCal_20190107Final_logo.pdf


Are you ready?

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