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By 7 September 2018November 20th, 2018Bachelor Degree
The Design School, in collaboration with the Design Department, Polidesign and ADI, organizes a new round of ADI meetings IMPRESA DOCET in which leading companies, who have put the design among the levers to compete, will discuss the challenges transforming a project into a product: a unique opportunity for dialogue between students, businesses and professionals in Italian design.

The next cycle is going to start on September 19, and there will be 4 appointments till December.


Gli incontri sono aperti a tutti: l’invito è a partecipare come occasione di incontro con il mondo professionale esterno!

Gli incontri programmati:
FLOU : 19 of September 12.30-14.30 (AULA CASTIGLIONI)
TUBES : 15 of October 12.30-14.30 (AULA CASTIGLIONI)
ZANOTTA: 13 of November 12.30-14.30 (AULA CASTIGLIONI)
SECCO : 14 of December 12.30-14.30 (AULA CASTIGLIONI)

The meetings of ADI Enterprise Docet are part of a new Design School project named “Explorer Design”, which starts this academic year and which will lead to the validation of 3 extra-curricular CFUs. to qualify for extracurricular CFU recognition students must attend a series of events and certify their participation through a document called “passport”; More details can be found shortly on the School’s website. (

  • the participation to one of the four events will give to students 5 points.
  • the participation to all the four events will give also an additional bonus of 10 points.

Therefore: all students have to admit each seminar by email to the link they will receive (this is for the first seminar and print in each seminar a “RECORDING DOCUMENT” to receive the stamp.

The registration card, complete with the stamps received at the 4 seminars, will be enclosed with the “passport” that you will need to fill in and deliver according to how you will be shown with the launch of the “Explorer Design” project.

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