Digital graduations

By 30 April 2020May 16th, 2020Master Of Science
In photo: in addition to gloves and masks, to ensure the safety of Committee Chairmen, also our Polichina (sanitizing liquid produced by the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering)


Congratulations, Designers!

Today, Thursday April the 30th, the first long-distance graduations took place at the School of Design.
Exceptionally, some classrooms in the B2 building were opened to allow Committee Chairmen to attend in an institutional manner even in this moment of emergency.
In the photos, the Presidents of Commission Proff. Francesco Zurlo, Venanzio Arquilla and Mario Bisson along with colleagues L. Fois, S. Maffei, E. Magini, D. Maurer, I. Rifino, F. Samorè, M. Turinetto, A. Vignati, E. Villani and M. Zinzone with recent graduate students.

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