Presentation of the results of the Design Workshop Beyond the Full Face Mask.

29 October 2019 at 17.30 at the EDME Laboratory _ Politecnico di Milano, via Candiani 72 – Ed.2, Piano -1

In a virtual and immersive environment like the EDME (Environmental Design and Multimedia Experience) laboratory of Politecnico di Milano, the results of the workshop will be unveiled to an audience of experts from the company and beyond, who will then have to comment and vote the most interesting ones.

The projects, realized by the students of the 3rd year of Product Design Degree of the Politecnico di Milano, coordinated by Prof. Luca Gafforio, have worked on the wide design theme of masks for the protection of the individual and their future in a context of life that requires new and more conscious attention to the control of air quality, not only in industry.

The aim of the workshop was to generate innovative ideas for products, services and systems on a new generation of masks for personal protection that would go beyond the Full Face Mask scenario and that would be able to protect the head, ears, nose and mouth for different types of activities. The results went well beyond these expectations, defining promising scenarios with different levels of applicability, thinking about new solutions, defining new fields of application, playing on the concepts of sustainability and cultural acceptance.

“In a correctly organized and planned workshop, where the objectives are well defined but open to change and the company is present, stimulating and willing to innovate, the results that can be achieved are always higher than expectations. The motivation, creativity and design ability of these young graduates in Industrial Design impressed me, confirming the goodness of the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano in training talented professionals,” says Prof. Luca Gafforio as a general commentary on the projects.

Gallery of the event

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