Valentina Lollio
Francesco Schianchi

Company supervisors
Pietro Ricciardi
Lorenzo Muratori

Andrea Rigamonti


The design of an artefact, such as armoured doors, must necessarily confront the socio-economic and psychological situation produced/derived by Covid19 , which has triggered new experiences, new experiences, new questions/aspirations. In a highly complex framework we intend to focus our attention on two complementary macro-realities:

  1. The sense of living with all its protective, defensive, relational, intimistic, technologies and working dynamics.

  2. The complexity of the security/safety concept with the inclusion of new health, identification, etc. variables in addition to the “traditional” “physical” security requirements of the house.



Abu Shwaima Ammar, Bartolini Matteo, Bassanese Daniele, Bertelli Leonardo, Bosisio Riccardo, Bruschetta Francesco, Bussini Michele, Carulli Pietro, Chen Hao, Cianciotta Marco, Colombo Giulio, Darosi Costanza, De Bonis Sara, Della Salandra Alessandra, Di Leo Irene, El Gallad Khaled, Lucrezi Francesco, Marchi Riccardo, Rebolledo Gaínza Trinidad Francisca, Ruch Tommaso, Wang Jiahao, Zaniboni Sebastiano, Campoleoni Stefano.