Workshop Second Semester

The second-semester workshops are going to start: from June 18th to 22nd, our students will be able to try out the projects that will be developed in collaboration with different companies.

Students were given the opportunity to choose to attend one of the following workshops, which will be held in our school:


Midea is one of the world’s leading companies in the consumer electronics and air treatment sector, with branches all over the world and recently also in Italy with an important Design Center. The theme of the workshop will concern the generation of electronic product concepts related to the domestic environment with reference to the new technological and use scenarios and to the new needs of consumers.


Verallia is present in Italy with 6 factories where it designs and produces glass bottles and jars for food with the strength of a large international group and the proximity of a company that knows how to pay attention to the territory and its customers. The workshop will cover the design / redesign of two bottles / packaging for leading brands with international ambitions.


Ghelfi Ondulati is a consolidated presence in Italy and in Europe, in the production of any type of corrugated cardboard packaging that for years has collaborated with the Politecnico di Milano in research and innovation projects. The Workshop will concern the design of corrugated packaging / display systems for international brands.


TCI is one of the most important manufacturers of technical lighting components in the world, dealing in particular with LED and OLED systems. The workshop will focus on the design of products that know how to enhance the company technology by humanizing it and making it desirable in the field not exclusively lighting.

POLI.GADGET JUNGLE + POLI.GADGET TOY – In collaboration with Interior Design

The School of Design, in agreement with the Department of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, organizes two workshops, with the aim of proposing new product ideas for the merchandising of the School of Design and the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano.

The workshops will be conducted by two teachers and will have two different approaches, one on the Jungle theme and one on the theme of games. The workshops foresee the prototyping of the selected projects in collaboration with the Laboratories of the Department of Design. It is possible that some of the projects are adopted by the Department and the School as official Gadgets after verification of an internal jury and economic evaluation.

ASM VIGEVANO – In collaboration with Interior Design

Asm Vigevano and Lomellina s.p.a. it is a company operating in the distribution of natural gas and drinking water, in the management of sewerage systems and purification plants, as well as other services for the community.

The aim of the workshop is to produce innovative ideas of products, services, systems and communication layouts / processes for ASM Vigevano in order to sensitize and educate citizens to respect the neighbor and the local historical / cultural heritage in relation to the management of domestic animals. The workshop also includes the creation of an event / experience that serves as a demonstrator of the action.

ARRITAL – In collaboration with Interior Design

Arrital, a modern design kitchen company, is increasingly a world full of meanings and values: a collaborative model and style for demanding customers and consumers, a culture of style and performance, for an industry where innovation is a must and creativity is the new frontier of thought. The workshop concerns the design of new product concepts and services related to Millennials.

McARTHURGLEN ITALY DESIGNER OUTLET – In collaboration with Interior Design

McArthurGlen is the leading company that manages and develops designer outlets and shopping systems in Europe. The workshop will cover the design of mobile systems to support the traditional sales system for events and other actions in relation to food and more.

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