Campus: Milano Bovisa
School: Design
Official language: English
Length of the programme: 2 years


The Master’s degree in Integrated Product Design at the Politecnico di Milano allows to complete the course of study started with the three-year degree.

During the two years of study, the student will deepen subjects that enable a more detailed and critical view of the processes that lead to real product innovation.

The program has been designed to provide students with the conditions to address the design of new concepts and languages, studying socio-economic dynamics, consumers and the market.

Learning goals

The course program moves mainly on three levels:

  • analysis of design expression modes;
  • analysis of end user behavior and needs;
  • analysis of materials and technology innovations.

All three levels will be conducted through theoretical and practical analysis, through the integration of different types of labs that allow the student to put his / her skills into practice.
In detail, the student:

  • learn to overcome the formal archetypes of products by exploring the various possibilities linked to form and functions and identifying the most appropriate answer to the problem presented in relation to the various social, cultural and economic contexts;
  • will be able to identify people’s behaviors and trends in order to understand the relationships that arise between these and products, encouraging the creation of future scenarios;
  • will study all applications concerning materials and technologies that define the quality and expressive language of products.

The course will be complemented by design workshops and direct experience with companies, institutional and professional studies. In this way, students will have different opportunities to stimulate their creativity and to have a first impact on the world of work.
Finally, the student will have the opportunity to deepen certain topics at his own pleasure, by integrating his or her study path by choosing from some of the proposed training activities.

Master’s Degree in Integrated Product Design

Further studies

After completing the Master’s degree in Integrated Product Design, the graduate will be able to deal with all the management and strategic design issues and will be able to handle actively working on project activities, design research and artistic direction.

If a graduate wishes to continue his / her studies, he or she may enroll in the third level of PhD degree, 2nd level Master’s degree or Master’s degree.

Career opportunities

The Bachelor in Integrated Product Design is an expert in industrial products and innovation processes. It has extensive work opportunities in all professional and branding activities in all fields of design, from consumer goods, to transport, from furniture to product-service systems.

The bachelor will fit into the working system with strategic skills, expressing the ability to coordinate project teams, plan and plan complex project planning strategies.
In particular, he/she occupies professional figures that require:

  • the use of tools and practices useful for the development of an articulated product innovation process;
  • ability to analyze market behavior and display consumption;
  • the aptitude for continuous updating of the operational tools and the adaptation of the project method;
  • the ability to organize and plan a product innovation process;
  • mediation skills between specialized profiles of the various phases useful for the development of new products.


For more detailed information, please read the full Degree Programme of Master of Science in Integrated Product Design course.