James Dyson Design Award

The James Dyson Award, the annual contest for engineers and product designers focusing on sustainability organised by the James Dyson Foundation, welcomes applications from young inventors with new ideas for bettering our planet.

Since 2005, the award has invited undergraduates and postgraduates in engineering and design to tackle a global problem, from environmental issues to improving medical devices. The winners of previous editions conceived solutions to enhance the reuse of plastics (Plastic Scanner) and the biodegradability of materials (MarinaTex, AuREUS), as well as improving home medical diagnostics (Blue Box, HOPES).

The competition has awarded 390 inventions to date, and more than 70% of the global winners of past editions are commercialising their inventions.

We need more innovative ideas to tackle global environmental and medical problems, and James Dyson thinks young people have the answers and the drive to make a difference.

Dr Eugenio Zucchini was a guest of the School to present the award and all its rules.

James Dyson Design Award

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