Campus: Milano Bovisa
School: Design
Language: Italian
Lenght of the programme: 3 years


The program of the Industrial Product Design Course at the Politecnico di Milano is composed of three years, during which the student acquires the basic knowledge about the design of the product intended for the market.

It will be a furniture product, or a transport, or a simple object for everyday consumption, intended for the home, office or city or any other type of product, all these types of product are accrued by similar characteristics, which concern functionality, physicality, technical quality and aesthetic-formal study.

The course aims to give all the basics so that the student is able to address the initial issues of any small type of design.

Theoretical knowledge will blend with the acquisition of technical skills, and finally, the student will be able to create and design innovative solutions that solve the needs of the people who will learn to know, without forgetting the demands of the market and production.

Prof. Francesco Zurlo
Coordinator of the Course of Studies in Industrial Product Design and Deputy Headmaster of the School of Design

Learning goals

The student will have the opportunity to attend theoretical courses and practical workshops.

In particular, he/she will study all the phases that lead to the realization of an industrial product, starting from the analysis of initial requests and consciously arriving at the most appropriate response.

To do this, the student will know the history and the criticism of the design, discovering all the innovations and trends; he/she will study the socio-cultural contexts of application, addressing specific humanities; will have a basic technical and scientific knowledge, recognizing the rules of production of products, materials and production technologies; and finally will be able to communicate their ideas, succeeding in inserting them into the current market.

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Product Design

Further studies

After completing the three-year degree in Industrial Product Design, the bachelor will be able to perform the technical figure to be supportive at all stages of project implementation, ranging from the idea, communication and sales.

The Bachelor can work in all professional and business activities about design, as a professional collaborator, project assistant, physical and/or virtual modeling engineer.

Career opportunities

  • Production: technician for the design of industrial products; Assistant engineer for the development of physical and virtual product
  • Design: technical design designer; CAD design designer; Assistant in the search for materials and technical components; Project assistant in the development of conceptual solutions; Project assistant in executive design
  • Commercial / Distribution: visual merchandiser; Assistant store manager
  • Communication: technical designer of exhibition installations; Photography assistant; Product graphic technician

After the course

After completing the three-year undergraduate degree, the student can choose to submit their application to enroll in a specialized degree or Master’s degree, so that more specific fields of design can be found.

The Politecnico di Milano offers specialized degree programs in several fields of design, such as:

  • Integrated Product Design
  • Design & Engineering
  • Product Service System Design
  • Digital and Interaction Design
  • Naval Design (Vessel & Yacht Design)


For more detailed information, please read the full Degree Programme Industrial Product Design Course – First Level Degree.