Academic Year


Company Supervisors

Giordano De Vecchi
Marco Guazzoni
Massimo Randone
Masaya Hashimoto
Antonello Ghignone

Polimi Supervisors

Arianna Vignati


Mattia Italia

IMPACT Shoes – New footwear for a sustainable society


During the 5 days workshop, students were asked to create a comfortable, sustainable and safe footwear that can be eco-sustainable by exploiting the Wrap&Go technology developed by Vibram. Students were asked to identify a target user and a context of use in which the footwear will be used, such as Outdoor Sport, Indoor Sport, Lifestyle, etc. From an initial phase of research and development of an area of opportunity, students then moved on to the development of the product and its details (finishes, communication elements, etc.).


Activity with the company

It was possible to work in contact with Vibram, a world leader in the production of soles for footwear. The projects developed by the various working groups, made up of a maximum of 3 people, have explored eco-sustainable solutions until reaching a product design proposal capable of combining innovation, sustainability and comfort for specific target groups and specific contexts of use.



The Students

Chao Lu Meng, Armari Federico, Bontempi Nicolò, Carniti Marco, Corvi Andrea, Crippa Lorenzo, Di Vico Cristian, Facciotto Edoardo, Ferro Gianluca, Gamba Elisa, Gatti Paola, Ghirimoldi Nicolò, Giribaldi Natalia Anna, Guanziroli Nicolò, Lehmann-korn Merle Ursula Lotte, Lima Nunes Marcelo, Milani Federico, Mojoli Matteo, Molea Benedetta, Nicolaci Filippo, Pelloso Francesco, Regis Valeria, Rivolta Mattia, Romi Ellen Juliette, Rossi Francesco Taj, Salvi Matteo, Scarabelli Ottavia, Seghezzi Andrea, Shamy Noam, Silvestri Lorenzo, Stolbovoi Ivan, Tarantino Francesca, Tomesani Giacomo Maria, Tortora Davide, Tremblay Rosalie, Trudeau Mathis, Vavalle Vincenzo, Zanchetta Lorenzo.

Other Workshops

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