Alberto Fraser


Camilla Ceschi a Santa Croce



We live in an increasingly connected, integrated world in which not only people can communicate more quickly and immediately, but objects are also taking a voice and the ability to communicate with each other. Every day, furnishing products become more and more intelligent, increasingly taking on an active role within our lives simply by connecting to the network.

TCI, a leading company in the telecommunications sector, poses the challenge of rethinking the object of the gateway, the core from which domotic communication starts, as an object to be exhibited within the domestic environment. Equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee connections, the gateway-hub will have to have a shape and an identity of its own, completely innovative that can hybridize inside the house, disrupting the concept of a technological object to hide.

The company also proposes the possibility of investigating how, in the future, this new hub-gateway can foresee the introduction of Li-Fi technology within it.

HANDS-ON! In the 5-day Behind the Gateway workshop, you will be asked to play, discover and experiment with home automation telecommunications technologies, defining the interaction and interface of the new gateway-hub with the user of reference.

Gallery Workshop

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