The Bovisa Campus

Via Candiani 72
20158 MILAN, Italy

Building B1
Study room
Design School Offices (DiCOS, Dean’s office, Relè)
Aula Castiglioni
Building B2
Laboratories per Teaching
Building B3

How to reach the Bovisa Campus


From Porta Venezia (red line), Repubblica (yellow line) or Garibaldi (green line) take one of the trains call “Passante ferroviario” and stop at Bovisa Politecnico Train Station.


From Cadorna Train Station take the train to the Milano Bovisa Station (all trains leaving Milano Cadorna station, except for the Malpensa Express, stop at Bovisa). Exit the station, turn left and go down the steps to Piazza E. Alfieri (the square with a car park in the middle). Cross the square keeping to the left and walk straight on into Via G. Candiani. The entrance to the Politecnico is at number 72.