Professor from Politecnico

Prof.ssa Raffaella Mangiarotti




How is the world changing and how is it changing our lives and habits?
What will our homes be like in the coming years, seen through technology and data collection?

Every day, furnishing products are becoming more and more intelligent, thanks to the ability to share data. All objects can take an active role within our lives simply by connecting to the network. Internet has been the main tool for bringing people together through different social media, but now, what we call the Internet of Things is the tool that will allow all objects to interact and in some cases access the collective knowledge they will generate, making them smart.

A smart design object interacts not only with other objects, but with everything that surrounds it. Alarms sound early in case of traffic, plants communicate to the watering can when it’s time to be watered, sneakers transmit time, speed and distance to compete in real time with people on the other side of the globe.

So how will the Internet of Things bring together highly analog furniture products within our homes?

In the Furniture Reloaded 5-day workshop, you will be asked to demonstrate the transformation of a starting object, “reloaded” with the introduction of IoT intelligence, into the interpretation of specific emerging needs and habits.

You will be asked to specify a target user, and to create a system that puts some furniture products in communication between them and their reference user.



Students from Product Design:

Ajello Benedetta, Amadeo Azul, Armento Stefano, Azimonti Veronica, Baggi Necchi Elia, Batavia Marco Filippo, Bertoletti Michele, Betelli Linda, Brembilla Andrea, Burgio Jacopo, Caldironi Luca, Cappellini Thomas, Carrara Elisabetta, Cerrito Bruno, Cerulo Benedetta, Colombo Federica, Comentale Enrico, Coppa Sara, Di Girolamo Alessandro, Donato Antonio, Donà Vittorio Francesco, Fasano Alessandro, Febres Medina Andrea Elena, Fusi Jacopo, Gecchelin Lorenzo, Giovanelli Leonardo, Gobbo Anna, Kondic Christian, Leccardi Andrea, Malegori Erica, Mascioli Rossana, Menghini Maurizio, Mingotti Alice, Morabito Rosa Angela, Occhialini Sabrina, Peruzzi Lapo, Picozzi Fabio, Salcuni Simone, Shi Benli, Telepan Olga, Thieme Diego, Veresani Francesca, Zucchi Alessandro